What does the rain, a catamaran, an orange dress and rum have in common? #justmarried

Wow! It’s been exactly one month since we got married! And what better way to restart my blogging mojo than by sharing what I’ve been working so hard on for the past 6 months!

ADAJ Wedding

Look at my handsome husband! The time and effort required to do a first look is a MUST! Without a doubt, that’s one of the planned details that was absolutely worth it.

Yes, that is my actual wedding dress in all its orange gorgeousness. And I made it. Because I could. Isn’t it just beautiful? Mr. AD was determined to colour coordinate with me after he saw the first toile of the dress and that result came out better than my skeptical mind had ever imagined. I thought we’d look too prom-like… *shame face* Continue reading

Seven Stepfords in September

I know that it’s been a while… A long while… But I’m back and busy busy busy at the sewing machine. My wardrobe has been seriously depleted over the past year with recent weight loss (this will be tackled in another post) and I am in need of things to wear. So I’m starting my return to the blogoverse with a personal sewing challenge.

Have you seen the new versatile and adaptable pattern from the fantastic pairing of Alida Lee at Alida Makes and Jessica Abbott at The Sewing Rabbit? The Stepford Seven is an amazingly detailed and beautiful e-book showing you how to sew seven variations of Alida’s original Stepford Dress pattern. Can we say, AWESOME!

Alida Makes - The Stepford Seven Dress

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Hook’d: Navy Doily Earrings

I’m fairly certain that I’ve developed a crochet jewellery addiction. Bracelets and earrings being my downfall. So keep an eye out for plenty of those projects.

One of my favourite patterns so far is the Doily Earrings by Emily Forrest. And yes, they really were as simple to make as they look.

Crochet Navy Doily Earrings

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Hook’d: Les Echelles Slouchy

Okay, I have a confession to make. I am one of those women who spent her teenage years always having a hat or scarf to hand to cover my hair whenever it was being unruly and I had somewhere to go. It was only when I was working in a full-time front-of-the-house position that I actually only used scarf when I was sleeping to attempt to get a hairdo last a whole week.

But in the past 2 years, I’ve been feeling for hats again. And there’s nothing like Ravelry to keep that particular fire burning.

Last week, I found this really cool looking free pattern by the talented Jess at Mighty Aglet, which she calls Les Echelles Slouch Hat.

Les Echelles Slouchy Hat

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And for Christmas: The Teresa Maxi Dress

In my mind, I had planned to do some fun and creative things this Christmas. Unfortunately, those dreams had to be shelved as the reality of the stress of teaching made it impossible for me to do anything else other than grade assignments and sleep and maybe eat some days. I don’t know if Mr. AD realized that I was completely strand out and so decided to surprise me with Christmas lunch at Hilton this year. In any event, whatever his reason, I am so grateful that I didn’t have to cook this Christmas. Thanks, hun!

The only Christmas idea to come to fruition was my dress, and even that end result hadn’t even been my original idea. I had envisioned some kind of fitted bodice with a circle skirt. But when the grading for my event planning class was strangely taking up more time than normal to complete, I needed a quick and easy project. That’s when I dug out my beloved Pixel Ink One Piece Kimono Tee Pattern.

When I first joined Burda last year, this was one of the first free patterns that I added to my library and I’m so glad I did. I first made something from this pattern this April for Mr. AD’s birthday – a burnt orange tunic that I love! I’ve already worn it as a dress, a tunic, and a top.

Pixel Ink Burnt Orange Tunic

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