2023: The Return

It’s been almost 7 years since I updated this blog πŸ˜”… I neglected my little corner of the Internet for the ease and simplicity of Instagram, which I will still continue to use for those reasons truthfully.

It’s been so long, I have a 16 year old AND a 3 year old

But after a chat with my Montserratian sewing bestie, Kris (, I decided that it’s time to restart documenting my makes.

I have 4 main goals for 2023:

  1. Sew at least 40 yards of my stash fabric. Essentially, I wanted to start this last year with my 40th birthday and continue on to the 41st birthday. But life with a toddler, who picked up every bug that passed him at nursery, rudely interrupted my good intentions. Although I did manage to sew up 3 yards last November that must will be shared next month and totally counts towards this goal.
  2. Sew at least 10 makes using The Precious Fabric. You know the ones that we all keep separate from the others? Those gorgeous (and often more expensive) fabrics that are the jewels of our fabric collections? Yeah, those ones. These will be hopefully end up a fabulous mix of garments and bags as I have some real beauties that need to be worn. #SewThePrecious
  3. Sew 10 patterns from the stash that are older than 5 years. I recognize that my pattern stash greatly exceeds my fabric stash. I’m just grateful it’s all digital and so takes up no actual space because this collection is truly massive and my only shame has been not getting the chance to sew more of them. Like the True Bias Hudson Joggers, Closet Core Ginger Jeans, Hey June Cheyenne Tunic or Love Notions Tessa Sheath Dress. These are all sewing community faves that have even been updated since I bought them and I’ve never made them up. That has to be rectified.
  4. No new fabric or pattern purchases for my personal sewing purposes. My rule to keep me focused is that the only exceptions will be clothing patterns that already include my sewing cup size or are size-inclusive with some unique/ new design or construction feature. In terms of fabric, it would have to be a print or type of fabric that I’ve had on my wishlist forever that’s only either now become available again or finally at a price I can afford. Yes, it seems like a lot of caveats, but I need the option of cheat buys in order to keep my sanity. Obviously, any pattern testing or fabric ambassador commitments are excluded from this ban.

I’m excited with the plans honestly πŸ₯³ And I’m intentionally moving into February with the Black History Month Pattern Designers Challenge hosted by Nateida (Sew Natural Dane). Click the link to get more info on the challenge and please support one of these businesses, if you can.

My posts will be tagged #BHMPD here on the blog, but you can also find other sewists’ entries on IG using the hashtag #BHMPatternDesigners. I’ve committed to sewing 3 garments and 1 bag for this challenge and will be sharing the first make this week.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my IG feed for all the pretty makes you may have missed, if you aren’t following me there already.

Thanks for still being here, y’all. πŸ’œ


2 thoughts on “2023: The Return

    1. Thanks. The way this mom life has been going since the little one came, I need to be able to have some kind of accomplishments. Even if they are just little wins.


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