2023: The Return

It’s been almost 7 years since I updated this blog 😔… I neglected my little corner of the Internet for the ease and simplicity of Instagram, which I will still continue to use for those reasons truthfully.

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Pattern Testing: Itch to Stitch Vienna Tank

Just announcing in the early, that ever since my Davina Dress, I became an Itch to Stitch fan girl. So I apply to test EVERYTHING Kennis Wong puts out. And I was beyond excited to be finally be able to test for her again.

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Pattern Testing: Blank Slate Marbella Dress

Ever since Melissa Mora posted this beauty on her Instagram, I have been stalking the Blank Slate Patterns Facebook group for the more information on when it would be released. At first, I thought she had hacked her beautiful Marigold pattern for knit fabric, but then she mentioned she was actually working on a new pattern. Wait, what? A knit shirtdress pattern? SOLD. So when the tester call came through the group, I was on that train immediately.

Blank Slate Marbella Pattern - Line Drawing

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Pattern Review: Pattern Anthology 8 Days A Week Collection

I got it into my head that I wanted to finally get around to sewing up my Pattern Anthology 8 Days A Week collection for my birthday – this was probably prompted by the fact that I had just signed up for the pre-release of the new Pattern Anthology Unbiased collection and it seemed so ridiculous that I hadn’t even sewn the last collection yet… 

PA 8 Days A Week Cover Image

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Pattern Testing: KBSD On Point Penley

You guys would never believe that I got to test another henley pattern for women! But this one is very different from the Winter Wear Designs (WWD) Hepburn Henley… Meet the On Point Penley from Koerbs Brothers Stitch Designs (KBSD)!

KBSD Women's On Point Penley

No, you are not seeing things and yes, both these designs came from the same pattern. And guess what? The pattern also come in dress length. Seriously. You can check out the designer’s henley dress here.

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