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#BHMPD Monde’s Threads Lilato Jumpsuit

It’s February, and that means it’s time for the Black History Month Pattern Designers Challenge hosted by Nateida Lathon ( πŸŽ‰ Click over to her website for more info on the challenge and all the fun involved.

This is the fifth year of the challenge and it’s the first real opportunity I’ve gotten to actually plan AND sew some things up. If you read my last post, you would know that I’ve committed to sewing 3 garments and 1 bag this month as my entries.

Today, I’m sharing my version of the Lilato Jumpsuit by Monde’s Threads.

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Pattern Testing: Itch to Stitch Vienna Tank

Just announcing in the early, that ever since my Davina Dress, I becameΒ an Itch to Stitch fan girl. So I apply to test EVERYTHING Kennis Wong puts out. And I was beyond excited to be finally be able to test for her again.

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Pattern Testing: Blank Slate Marbella Dress

Ever since Melissa Mora posted this beauty on her Instagram, I have been stalking the Blank Slate Patterns Facebook group for the more information on when it would be released.Β At first, I thought she had hacked her beautiful Marigold pattern for knit fabric, but then she mentioned she was actually working on a new pattern. Wait, what? A knit shirtdress pattern? SOLD. So when the tester call came through the group, I was on that train immediately.

Blank Slate Marbella Pattern - Line Drawing

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Pattern Testing: Winter Wear Designs Crop Dress

You know how sometimes you see something and buy it because you just like it, but don’t really have any use for it at the time? That was me signing up to test this pattern. I really wanted to try the whole crop top look. Kept seeing it on all the curvy fashion blogs and liking it more and more with every pic posted, but still unsure it would look good on me. So how could I not try it out for free?Β  Well, free in principle, as this pattern took me 2 weeks to get through and ate a whole lot of fabric.

WWD Crop Dress Cover Pic

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