It’s my birthday!!!

Woo hoo!!! What a full day of fun and relaxation Mr. AD have planned for my 30th birthday!!!

Buffet breakfast at the Hilton Barbados… Pancakes that tasted like good ol’ fashioned Bajan bakes! Lots of yummy not-too-crispy bacon! A deliciously cheesy ham and mushroom omelet!

Deluxe manicure and pedicure at the Spa at Waves Hotel… Got some very hotttt tangerine nail polish too! Even had lunch at the Asian cuisine influenced Feast Restaurant on premises. There was even a giant golden Buddha head and a koi pond!  The stir fry noodles was heavenly!

Dinner at Daphne’s Restaurant… fantastic Italian dining in an even more awesome atmosphere! Every single course of dinner was exceptional! From my Caesar Salad with Crap Bites appetizer to the main Crusted Strip Loin with Sweet Potato Mash and Green Beans to the delicious, light and fluffy Creme Brulee for dessert. It was truly an awesome dining experience.

And… a three-layer chocolate cake from Sweet Temptations bakery! Practically sinful, I tell you!

All in all, thanks to Mr. AD, I had a very good 30th birthday!!!

Abbey Dabbles: Abbey 30th Birthday Collage

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or rewarded in any way to link out to any of the businesses listed above. I am simply sharing their web addresses because I had great experiences at or with these companies and as such, I am recommending them to others.


Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 3 – The Ruffle Skirt

Now that I’m well past the girly phase in life, I am noticing to my dismay that I am actually starting to like girly things. Like the colour pink. And dresses. And skirts. And ruffles. Oh my!

It’s a bit scary for a former anti-stereotypical girly whims kind of chick, who spent most of her childhood years wearing as much black and brown (any really dark colour honestly) as could be found in my size. Yes, the body shape in relation to clothes available in stores issue sadly started from way too early…

So I have had to learn to accept my growing fascination with all things girly. Some days, it is still such a shock to my core when I actually go to pick a pink shirt or skirt… Hence, my wishlist had to include something with ruffles and I knew a skirt would be in order since most of the other items would be tops.

Off to Google images and the blogs I went in search of the perfect idea to copy cat. And there were several that I liked, but none seemed as awesome as those that used actual ruffle fabric:

Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 3 Inspiration

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Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 2 – The Peplum Top

Yup, I know peplums are everywhere, but I believe they are one of the best additions to a woman’s wardrobe arsenal, simply because peplums create the illusion of that sexy hourglass shape! Peplums add fullness to your hips and help to make your waist look smaller. According to all the fashion mags, they are best worn with  straight-legged pants (trousers or leggings or jeans) or knee-length pencil skirts.

All over the web I’ve found some great peplum tops worn by some beautiful ladies who inspired all shades of green envy with how flawlessly stylish they looked in their peplum outfits:

Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 2 Inspiration

  1. BurdaStyle Peplum Top 08/2012 #113 made me fall in love with yellow AND to even like the high-low hem trend
  2. Adventures in Dressmaking – Springy Seersucker Peplum Tank sealed the deal on how cute yellow peplum tops are!
  3. Jorth – Vogue #8815 Peplum Top with its fantastic print and double-tiered peplum that didn’t even look little girlish
  4. Craft Habit – Peplum Top T-Shirt Upcycle was the first tee based peplum tutorial I ever saw and was really the initial idea that brought my attention to the DIY peplum top possibility
  5. So Zo, What Do You Know – Jersey Peplum Top used jersey fabric with three-quarter sleeves AND a slight high-low hem
  6. Love Maegen – Peplum T-Shirt DIY made the whole idea seem to freaking effortless! This lady is just rocking this white peplum tee !

With so much inspiration, of course, the peplum top made it on my birthday sewing wishlist! I mean, it just looks so elegant and classy.

So in an effort to not spend more money that I really can’t afford to spend on fabric right now, I tried the t-shirt to peplum top refashion for which the sew-inclined bloggers have several tutorials to help you. I bought this really nice purple baby tee when Mr. AD and I were cruising last year, which wasn’t the most flattering around the midsection but I still loved it. So when the peplum top want graduated into a need over the summer, I figured I would use this top as the base. I searched around my wardrobe for a XXL purple tee shirt and made the circle peplum part using the only shirt I could find that was as close to the same shade of purple as the baby tee.

Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 2

It came out okay-ish. But I’m not really happy with the result. The two purples are not as complimentary as I was envisioning for one thing. Then with my short torso and overall stumpiness (is that a word?), I definitely needed to make the peplum part much longer to “elongate my torso” and especially as it really wasn’t covering the lower goodies as I would have liked without constant tugging. Lately, I’m also finding that  the cap sleeves on the ladies fitted tees are starting to bother me because they seem so short and picky in photos, making your arms look even chunkier than they really are and they don’t help to flatter a larger bust at all. Not even wearing a belt was pleasing to my eye…

So yeah, this is now a home shirt. 😦 Oh and please forgive the shine showing through from my bra; it was a very poor choice to model in, but I needed pics.

For this particular sewing project, I also learnt the most important thing to note when making a standard circle bottoms from knit material. Since you have to cut the fabric on the bias to create the circle shape, you need to reduce your waist measurement about 2-4 inches depending on the stretch of the material you are using. If not, when you are sewing, you will find that your peplum waist will be bigger than the waist of your shirt or skirt at the point of join.

Abbey 3.0 Sewing Wishlist Status: Item 2 Epic Fail. I’m definitely going to have to do another peplum project. I will not let this one defeat me.


Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 1 – The Maxi Dress

I started the ball rolling for the Abbey 3.0 Birthday Sewing Challenge with The Maxi Dress. As a wardrobe staple, it is a must sew, just for its simplicity and its elegance. It can be worn daytime or night time. It can be worn during the cool spring or the hot summer. It can be worn with a cardigan to keep it casual or with a jacket to look more fancy, formal or even work-appropriate. And as long as it is designed to suit your body shape, it can be most flattering. These were some of my inspirations for my maxi dress:

Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 1 Inspiration

  1. Mimi G. – T-shirt Maxi Dress is just GORGEOUS!! BTW… Mimi is simply freaking AWESOME!!
  2. At Second Street – Maxi Dress Kalleen’s dress is made with a simple raglan tee pattern with elasticized neck and sleeves
  3. Sweet Verbena – Boho Maxi Dress is probably the most viral maxi dress tutorial online!
  4. Made It On A Monday – Sunshine Poured Out Maxi Dress is so cute, even maternity-sized!

And don’t even get me started on all those striped and chevron maxi dress that were all the rage this year!!! I so gotta make one of those too! But I digress…

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Bumper Stickers

Overheard: Pinterest Conspiracy? Could it be true?

So Funny: Pinterest Conspiracy? Could it be true?

Even if it is true, there are plenty women out there who have been improving not only themselves but the lives of their families with some of the awesome stuff they have found on Pinterest.

I say let the men continue to think they have won while we women get better at everything!

What say you?