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Hook’d: Navy Doily Earrings

I’m fairly certain that I’ve developed a crochet jewellery addiction. Bracelets and earrings being my downfall. So keep an eye out for plenty of those projects.

One of my favourite patterns so far is the Doily Earrings by Emily Forrest. And yes, they really were as simple to make as they look.

Crochet Navy Doily Earrings

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Hook’d: Les Echelles Slouchy

Okay, I have a confession to make. I am one of those women who spent her teenage years always having a hat or scarf to hand to cover my hair whenever it was being unruly and I had somewhere to go. It was only when I was working in a full-time front-of-the-house position that I actually only used scarf when I was sleepingย to attempt to get a hairdo last a whole week.

But in the past 2 years, I’ve been feeling for hats again. And there’s nothing like Ravelry to keep that particular fire burning.

Last week, I found this really cool looking free pattern by the talented Jess at Mighty Aglet, which she calls Les Echelles Slouch Hat.

Les Echelles Slouchy Hat

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Hook’d: Simple Sara Clutch

I need a clutch purse. Seriously. This just walking around with my keys and my mobile in my hand whenever I go out just ain’t cutting it no more man.

The shameful thing is that I have tons of bag patterns – to sew and to crochet – that I have been eager to try out, but just can’t seem to find the time or motivation to actually sit down and make one. But with Christmas outing obligations, I really needed to get this bag thing sorted out.

I knew I wanted my clutch purse to be elegant and fancy enough to not look homemade. I also didn’t want it to be a large clutch, just big enough to hold the phone, the keys and some cash.

After a week of Pinterest and Ravelry deliberations, I finally selectedย Sarah’s Clutch, a crochet pattern by Sarah Cooper (

Simple Sara Crochet Clutch

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Hook’d: Cabled Bangles

Once a week, I try to check out the recently added crochet patterns on Ravelry, which I’ve come to realize can easily mean 300 or more new patterns to gawk at. Of course, when this sometime full hour activity is over, I’ve added at least 10 new patterns to my favourites and often times, pinned them as well.

And then there are those awesome patterns that you see and just have to try immediately.

Enter the Crochet Cabledย Bracelets by A La Sascha ( with its 5 beautiful variations.

Sascha Cabled Bangles by Abbey Dabbles

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Hook’d: Navy Brimmed Slouchy

Do you crochet? If you do, then Ravelry is the most awesome website you could ever have found! I remember when I first discovered it’s existence last September and thinking, where have you been all my life? And there are thousands and thousands of free and ready to purchase patterns for crocheters and knitters!!! It’s like our version of a candy store!! There’s even a yarn database so you can even covet more yarn than you ever possible dreamed of owning!

Ravelry is where I found the very easy to follow and reasonably priced patterns of ScarFanatic on Ravelry (as well as Etsy, where she sells her finished objects). She presently has 31 designs available on Ravelry for purchase, which showcase a variety of different styled hats and jewellery.ย 

ScarFanatic Etsy Products

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