Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 7 – The Colourblock Top

I am a big fan of the colourblock trend. I’m more inclined towards the practice of putting three or four colours together in a garment in a pattern, than the practice of wearing each individual item of clothing in different colours. 

I found tons of colourblock inspiration on Burda. Burda member community is truly awesomeness! And of course, there are millions of retail inspiration as well.

Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 7 Inspiration

  1. Port Elizabeth Variation Top by Mahaila
  2. The Panel Dress by ph123
  3. Color Blocked Burda September Cover Dress byClio
  4. Pop Goes the Anda Dress by Passiona Cottee 
  5. Karen Millen Soft Colorblock Dress

And since my biggest wardrobe deficit is tops, a colourblock top had to get on my sewing wishlist. So off I went in search of that Wiksten tank pattern that I had bought after seeing all the fabulous creations in the Wiksten sewing pool.

My attempt was less than fabulous. A lot less.

Abbey 3.0 Sewing Wishlist Item 7

Yuck… so not pleased with this…

Based on the size chart, I knew that the large would be pushing it for my boobs, so I figured that repurposing some tees should add some stretch to the bustline. And it did that… and so much more… that I didn’t want…

The entire freaking shirt is too big! The neckline is too low, the armholes are too big, the back is wayyyyy too big… ughhhhh! The only time I’m ever this disappointed is when I try on cute clothes in the stores. This was a serious WTF moment for me when I tried this on…

So yeah, back to the drawing board. This ain’t going to defeat me either. Must. Fix. Later.

Abbey 3.0 Sewing Birthday Challenge Status Item 7: Epic Failure!



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