Hook’d: Navy Brimmed Slouchy

Do you crochet? If you do, then Ravelry is the most awesome website you could ever have found! I remember when I first discovered it’s existence last September and thinking, where have you been all my life? And there are thousands and thousands of free and ready to purchase patterns for crocheters and knitters!!! It’s like our version of a candy store!! There’s even a yarn database so you can even covet more yarn than you ever possible dreamed of owning!

Ravelry is where I found the very easy to follow and reasonably priced patterns of ScarFanatic on Ravelry (as well as Etsy, where she sells her finished objects). She presently has 31 designs available on Ravelry for purchase, which showcase a variety of different styled hats and jewellery. 

ScarFanatic Etsy Products

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Hook’d: Purple Colourblock Birthday Earrings


Way back in January, I knew that I wanted to crochet something for one of my besties, Toni, for her 30th birthday. And as she is a lover of all things purple, much like myself, it was obvious that her gift would end up being purple.

So I was grabbing both the purple and lilac crochet thread, when the grey one caught my eye. Ooooh, this would make a good addition.


At first, I had no idea what I was going to make, but I knew it was going to be jewellery. I had recently figured out how to do amigurumi tubes after seeing all the awesome crochet jewellery on Etsy and decided to give it a try for Toni’s gift.

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Hook’d: Croco Flowers for the Aunts

My mom recently came back from a six-week trip to NY with my son. As is often the case, I was tinkering at some crochet project the day before she left and she started going through my finished motifs bag, of which I’m kinda embarrassed to put up a photo.

My Finished Crochet Motifs Bag

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