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Hook’d: Croco Flowers for the Aunts

My mom recently came back from a six-week trip to NY with my son. As is often the case, I was tinkering at some crochet project the day before she left and she started going through my finished motifs bag, of which I’m kinda embarrassed to put up a photo.

My Finished Crochet Motifs Bag

 As you can see, I have yarn motifs in one bag and thread motifs in another…. and yes, there are a lot of flowers in there… A LOT… but I digress…

In mid-search, with commentary that varied between appraisal and critique, she stumbled upon one of my most favourite things to crochet – Croco Flowers!!!!!! I first saw these on Ravelry by the awesome Bonita Patterns, who incorporates the Crocodile Stitch in most of the beautiful items she makes.

Images copyright Bonita Patterns and Bernat

Do you see that gorgeous wedding gown?!?!!? WOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW is all I could muster the first time I saw this. Impressive work! Event the flowers in her bouquet are all made by crochet.

So I was inspired by her very simple and very easy pattern to follow… and can’t seem to stop making these damn croco flowers! I have them in yarn, thread, and jersey fabric. And no, I don’t have any immediate plans for most of them.

I guess that’s why my mom was interested in using them to make necklaces for her sisters (and herself). Obviously, it wasn’t too hard to separate myself from 3 of the thread ones. I simply made long chains using some more Aunt Lydia’s Size 10 Classic Crochet thread in silver, attached the flower,  then knotted the chain and added clear beads, and lastly added closures. Tagged and bagged them and good to go!

Nice and quick presents! Now I only have one other aunt to make this necklace for and all four Bryan women will have!!! Yeah for me!


Thanks for reading. All comments are welcomed.

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