I’m even more disappointed now, Burda…

Okay, so I started this blog with a post about BurdaStyle’s Summer Sewing Challenge Competition and community voting on the ten finalists closed yesterday.

I really wanted to state my views on the finalists after the voting closed because I didn’t want to come across negative… but, am I the only person disappointed in the entries, much less the 10 finalists selected by the BurdaStyle and Singer judging panel??????

BurdaStyle & Singer Summer Sewing Challenge 2012 Ten Finalists

For me, the usual awesomeness of Burda member projects seems to be missing from these finalists, especially when you had the whole collection of Burda patterns to choose from.  I even did my own search of member projects  to see what the other submissions looked like… and most of them were just as moderately exciting as the select 10.

I don’t know, maybe I expected too much? Maybe all the ineligible uber-talented members from all the non-North American countries have me spoiled…

But anyways, I voted because I know how much effort any sewing lover puts into making garments and I wanted to at least help someone win. My winner for the Summer Sewing Challenge is:

Chloe’ Window’s Ocean Blue Maternity and Baby Dress

She used BurdaStyle Magazine’s 06/2010 Chiffon Maxi Dress with Jewelled Neckline pattern for her dress and BurdaStyle’s Sophia BS#005 dress for the baby. I loved that the fabric she chose had a really fun and pretty print and I especially loved how she tried to deflect focus from her ever-growing belly by using the lace panel at the back. You just have to look at the rest of her pics and you can see clearly just how beautiful these two dresses are.

Seriously, this was the only one of the finalists that appealed to me.

But I’m guessing that I’m not bold or daring enough, because the winner (in my honest opinion, this was totally expected if you take into consideration just how many eclectic fashions Burda focuses on) with 272 votes was:

ceding’s winning entry: Summer in Miami based on Burda dress pattern #6066 Theresa

And with 266 votes, second place went to:

2nd Place: Chevron by Spinneret, based on BurdaStyle’s #7936 Liz

Congrats to both ladies!!! Enjoy your new fancy schmancy Singer toys!!!

My favourite got 134 votes, putting her in third place. YEAHHHHHH!!! Unfortunately, there wasn’t a prize for that 😦

P.S. Let’s hope that the next competition at BurdaStyle, sponsored or not, is open to all members regardless of their location!


3 thoughts on “I’m even more disappointed now, Burda…

  1. Hi,
    I came across your blog from the Curvy Sewing Collective. I started going through your archives when I realised that you are in Barbados! Me too. HHHHheeeeyyyy!!! Since absolutely none of my friends are even the slightest bit interested in sewing, it was nice to come across a fellow Barbadian who seems to be within my age range and is interested in sewing too. I too get irritated at all the sewing contests who state that the prizes are only for North American participants. Gggggrrrrrrrrr!


    1. WHAT? Another Bajan who sews? Did you get formal training at SJPP or BVTB or are you self taught? My besties seem to love that I sew because obviously every once in a while, they will get me make them something or get a present. My poor husband gets to hear all my boring sewing fascinations; but he’s my biggest enabler, along with my sister. So I genuinely get good support all around.


      1. Lol. I’m self taught. I grew up watching my aunt sew for the family and picked up an interest there. I do want to try the SJPP course though. My boyfriend gets to listen to me blab about the fantastic outfits that “my” bloggers sewed up this week. He thinks that I have imaginary friends lolol


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