Me Made: The Teresa Maxi Dress

In my mind, I had planned to do some fun and creative things this Christmas. Unfortunately, those dreams had to be shelved as the reality of the stress of teaching made it impossible for me to do anything else other than grade assignments and sleep and maybe eat some days. I don’t know if Mr. AD realized that I was completely strand out and so decided to surprise me with Christmas lunch at Hilton this year. In any event, whatever his reason, I am so grateful that I didn’t have to cook this Christmas. Thanks, hun!

The only Christmas idea to come to fruition was my dress, and even that end result hadn’t even been my original idea. I had envisioned some kind of fitted bodice with a circle skirt. But when the grading for my event planning class was strangely taking up more time than normal to complete, I needed a quick and easy project. That’s when I dug out my beloved Pixel Ink One Piece Kimono Tee Pattern.

When I first joined Burda last year, this was one of the first free patterns that I added to my library and I’m so glad I did. I first made something from this pattern this April for Mr. AD’s birthday – a burnt orange tunic that I love! I’ve already worn it as a dress, a tunic, and a top.

Pixel Ink Burnt Orange Tunic

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Burda’s Simply Beautiful… or not…

“Simple Beauty”… that’s the name of the new 7-piece BurdaStyle pattern collection released this week and it’s some 70’s throwback stuff, that I’m really not feeling at all. Maybe it’s the sad colour choices or that awful blue wallpaper or the granny styling of the models. But I’m honestly disappointed again this week. I mean, how’s a girl supposed to be inspired to sew greatness with these blahhhh looking photos???

The best part about Burda though, is that there is always one glimmer of hope… for this particular collection, there were at least two items that caught my eye, bringing those familiar sewing fuzzies to my tummy…

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Seriously, “Techno Chic”?

*in TV Show announcer voice:Β This week on BurdaStyle… The New “Techno Chic” Collection… check out all 9 new patterns here.

Ammm… it may just be me… but I’m not getting the theme for this week’s collection… it’s supposed to be “futuristic” and “out of this world” but the theme really doesn’t seem to be going with the fancy pattern pics… again, it may just be me… although it’s not to say that I’m not inspired… Β Here are my two Techno Chic faves:

BurdaStyle Scuba Dress 09/2012 #121

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Praying and praying…


So yeah, I’ve spending a lot of time this week on my knees… praying. Why? Because I really want my Advanced Ladies Tailoring class to happen and we seem to be short 5 people of the minimum required for class to start. Stinkin’ SJPP wait until last week Tuesday or Wednesday to call applicants and tell them that the class supposed to start Tuesday, August 28 and you have to pay by Friday, August 24 to get in the class.

Yes, I do mean Tuesday that just gone was the first day of class and only 5 people showed up, including me.

And you would know, that I got my acceptance letter on Monday gone. As in Monday, August 27. In this letter, the deadline for payment was stated as today, Friday, August 31. Clearly the person who did the calling was not the person who typed the letter. Clearly.

These jokers wait until the last minute to tell people that the class is on and that you were accepted. No, seriously… wunna insane? And people got children to send school? Two of my Basic Ladies Tailoring classmates, who had wanted to do Advanced and weren’t getting any positive communication from the school, went ahead and spend what little money they had on their children school stuff because they thought class wasn’t going to happen. Where are they going to manufacture this money from, SJPP? Stupseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I’m really praying that at least 5 more people paid today… praying… and praying… and praying…

In related prayer news, it seems BurdaStyle has answered the many prayers of its plus sized members and released 8 new full figured patterns… BOOM!!!!!!

The collection is called “Everyday Equestrian” and is a dollop of rustic country girl meets a dash of romantic city girl… Now, I’m an island girl and we really don’t do frilly, so I’m not a fan of most of the patterns, but I am in love with these 2 jackets:

Burdastyle Blouson Jacket (Plus Size) Pattern 09/2012 #135
BurdaStyle Military Jacket (Plus Size) Pattern 09/2012 #138

I’m thinking that the styling of the outfits are the biggest draws to these two items, but I’m really loving both of these jackets!!! And the colours!!!! The taupe is truly gorgeous in the blouson jacket and the navy just makes the military jacket! I can’t wait to see what the Burda community does with these!!!

And if my blasted Advanced class can occur, I could actually try to incorporate both of these patterns into my class projects and ask my tutor to assist in making them a reality! Yup, still praying… and praying…

In the mean time, I’ll just add these two patterns to cart and stash them to tackle later… my sewing proficiency aint nowhere near the level required for these jackets yet…

Oh Lisa, I do hope you call and say that class is on… praying some more…

Enjoy your weekend!


I’m even more disappointed now, Burda…

Okay, so I started this blog with a post about BurdaStyle’s Summer Sewing Challenge Competition and community voting on the ten finalists closed yesterday.

I really wanted to state my views on the finalists after the voting closed because I didn’t want to come across negative… but, am I the only person disappointed in the entries, much less the 10 finalists selected by the BurdaStyle and Singer judging panel??????

BurdaStyle & Singer Summer Sewing Challenge 2012 Ten Finalists

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