Seriously, “Techno Chic”?

*in TV Show announcer voice: This week on BurdaStyle… The New “Techno Chic” Collection… check out all 9 new patterns here.

Ammm… it may just be me… but I’m not getting the theme for this week’s collection… it’s supposed to be “futuristic” and “out of this world” but the theme really doesn’t seem to be going with the fancy pattern pics… again, it may just be me… although it’s not to say that I’m not inspired…  Here are my two Techno Chic faves:

BurdaStyle Scuba Dress 09/2012 #121

Ignoring the bolero, which had me real confused at first glance until I saw the drawings… but the Scuba Dress is SEXINESS… even with the long sleeves (of the icky bolero), this dress is NICEEEEEEEEEEE! And obviously the colours help to make the dress! Fingers crossed that Burda will convert this pattern to plus sizes sooner rather than later…

BurdaStyle Shirred Shirt 09/2012 #123B

On a whole, this outfit is kinda cutesy…  especially if you like pants that look too short, but to each his own right? So ignoring the pants, I’m really liking the Shirred Shirt, with its leather insets on the shoulders and this pretty awesome print.

Yup, Shirred Shirt and Scuba Dress have been favourited… on to future projects wishlist!

Which patterns did you all like? Do you think that the theme suits the patterns?


2 thoughts on “Seriously, “Techno Chic”?

    1. Levitating? AHAHAHHAHA That’s so funny! I couldn’t get past the too short pants, so I didn’t even notice that she’s off the ground. Guess they made her do a lil jump so as to appear likes she is levitating… you know, to go with the supposed futuristic theme…


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