Burda’s Simply Beautiful… or not…

“Simple Beauty”… that’s the name of the new 7-piece BurdaStyle pattern collection released this week and it’s some 70’s throwback stuff, that I’m really not feeling at all. Maybe it’s the sad colour choices or that awful blue wallpaper or the granny styling of the models. But I’m honestly disappointed again this week. I mean, how’s a girl supposed to be inspired to sew greatness with these blahhhh looking photos???

The best part about Burda though, is that there is always one glimmer of hope… for this particular collection, there were at least two items that caught my eye, bringing those familiar sewing fuzzies to my tummy…

Yup, this outfit is some kind of understated beauty. Continue reading “Burda’s Simply Beautiful… or not…”


Seriously, “Techno Chic”?

*in TV Show announcer voice: This week on BurdaStyle… The New “Techno Chic” Collection… check out all 9 new patterns here.

Ammm… it may just be me… but I’m not getting the theme for this week’s collection… it’s supposed to be “futuristic” and “out of this world” but the theme really doesn’t seem to be going with the fancy pattern pics… again, it may just be me… although it’s not to say that I’m not inspired…  Here are my two Techno Chic faves:

BurdaStyle Scuba Dress 09/2012 #121

Ignoring the bolero, which had me real confused at first glance until I saw the drawings… but the Scuba Dress is SEXINESS… Continue reading “Seriously, “Techno Chic”?”


I’m even more disappointed now, Burda…

Okay, so I started this blog with a post about BurdaStyle’s Summer Sewing Challenge Competition and community voting on the ten finalists closed yesterday.

I really wanted to state my views on the finalists after the voting closed because I didn’t want to come across negative… but, am I the only person disappointed in the entries, much less the 10 finalists selected by the BurdaStyle and Singer judging panel??????

BurdaStyle & Singer Summer Sewing Challenge 2012 Ten Finalists

For me, the usual awesomeness of Burda member projects seems to be missing from these finalists, especially when you had the whole collection of Burda patterns to choose from. Continue reading “I’m even more disappointed now, Burda…”


Wait, no orange?

Okay, first I must apologize for the lack of posts last week, but I clearly didn’t  understand how to schedule posts to publish on a specific date… I’m so embarrassed… Please forgive me… So let’s just forget that I didn’t post last week ok? Great!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I looooooooooooooooooooove to see BurdaStyle news in my inbox. There’s always something totally awesome to look at and get inspired by! Like these eleven new patterns classified as “Nice and Bright”:

I’m not a fan of all of them. I mean, seriously, some of these styles are clearly not for everyone. But… You see that red dress?!?!?! Continue reading “Wait, no orange?”


BurdaStyle, Singer, and why Cadbury Fruit & Nut cures all ails!

Yesterday, I received my weekly e-mail newsletter from Burdastyle, and got sooooooooooo excited when I saw an advertisement for their newest competition, Summer Sewing Challenge: Win a Sewing Machine from SINGER!

When I spied that ever so sexy vintage designed but totally modern Singer One  sewing machine as the prize, I was ready to hit my fabric stash and get sewing!!! It may not be as fancy with all the stuff that my Singer Fashion Mate 6160 can do, but the Singer One is too SEXY mannnnnnn!!!!!

Here is the basic info for the competition, straight from Burda’s blog:  Continue reading “BurdaStyle, Singer, and why Cadbury Fruit & Nut cures all ails!”