Burda’s Simply Beautiful… or not…

“Simple Beauty”… that’s the name of the new 7-piece BurdaStyle pattern collection released this week and it’s some 70’s throwback stuff, that I’m really not feeling at all. Maybe it’s the sad colour choices or that awful blue wallpaper or the granny styling of the models. But I’m honestly disappointed again this week. I mean, how’s a girl supposed to be inspired to sew greatness with these blahhhh looking photos???

The best part about Burda though, is that there is always one glimmer of hope… for this particular collection, there were at least two items that caught my eye, bringing those familiar sewing fuzzies to my tummy…

Yup, this outfit is some kind of understated beauty. The navy Duchesse insets on the shoulders of the khaki Jersey Top (Pattern 09/2012 #123A) upgrades the longsleeve tee from a wardrobe basic to a must-have. Then pairing the top with this navy lace Leather Trimmed Skirt (Pattern 09/2012 #127)? That was just sheer fashion genius! Talk about a fixer-upper! This outfit would bring a whole new meaning to Casual Fridays at work. I could easily see this making the comfortable shift from the 9-5 grind to after-work cocktails.

If you really want to, you can check out the other dowdy looking photos for this collection here. Not that I’d seriously recommend it. Especially if you’re like me and would like to continue thinking that Burda’s creative team is generally pretty freaking awesome.

Also in this week’s newsletter was this potentially flattering shift dress pattern from British designer, Matthew Williamson:

Matthew Williamson Dress 09/2012 #134

Just look at the boat-neck front and deep V-neck back! Gorgeousness! This was quickly added to my Must Sew list… and I should really toss it into the Potential Birthday Dress idea pool while I’m at it… The print used on the model dress is pretty and interesting, but I have a feeling, it would look as equally gorgeous in a full solid colour or even a colour block treatment. Who’s with me on that one? Can’t wait to see which Burda community sewlebrities tackle this!

And lastly… way back in May of this year, Burda released a tennis-inspired collection, that left me as similarly disappointed as this week’s collection to be honest. But a creative mind can bring out the beauty in many things. Take a look at the two pics below:

On the left, you have Burda’s V-Neck Tunic Pattern 05/2012 #101A, which just wasn’t even remotely cute. Or remotely flattering. Especially for an adult female. An adult female who wants to actually wear it outside of the house. And who doesn’t want to feel like they wasted good fabric.

And on the right you have this very nice Blue Striped version by Burda moderator and community member jilleighlum that would actual inspire you to purchase the pattern. Jill lengthened her pattern to moderately decent and changed the direction of the stripes for the hem. Sure looks like she had a great Labour Day outing in her new dress!  What do you think – do you prefer Burda’s original model shot or jilleighlum’s take? BTW, I totally agree with Jill that pockets in dresses are a MUST!

Stay tuned the rest of this week for some sewing adventures… yes, finally… more me-made stuff in the works for my upcoming vacation with Mr. AD and I still have to give you the update about my Tailoring class…

*Mummy cape back on* Now off to pack my son’s bag for school tomorrow!


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