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So I’m missing my graduation tho…

Yeah, so after that not-so-productive birthday sewing challenge, it may not be the best time to talk about my formal sewing training right? Oh well, I needed the reminder that I can actually sew…

Today is graduation day for the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP) here in Barbados, and I had no idea that Evening Programmes were included in these activities until I received my graduation notice about 3 weeks ago. Not only did I complete my Basic Ladies’ Tailoring Class successfully, it seems my tutor awarded me the honour of “Most Outstanding Student”. *insert Grammy/ Oscar shocked winner face here*

Since I’m here struggling with acute sinusitis and can’t attend, in honour of my little achievement, I decided to let you guys see the work I did for the class, which started in August 2011 and ended in May 2012. For the basic class, the tutor focuses on sewing basics, with a focus on skirts in the first semester and on shirts and dresses in the second.  And please forgive the quality of the photos as I had just gotten my new camera and had no idea about its fancy settings.

Abbey Dabbles: Three Skirts: Tailored, Panel, and Gore

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Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 3 – The Ruffle Skirt

Now that I’m well past the girly phase in life, I am noticing to my dismay that I am actually starting to like girly things. Like the colour pink. And dresses. And skirts. And ruffles. Oh my!

It’s a bit scary for a former anti-stereotypical girly whims kind of chick, who spent most of her childhood years wearing as much black and brown (any really dark colour honestly) as could be found in my size. Yes, the body shape in relation to clothes available in stores issue sadly started from way too early…

So I have had to learn to accept my growing fascination with all things girly. Some days, it is still such a shock to my core when I actually go to pick a pink shirt or skirt… Hence, my wishlist had to include something with ruffles and I knew a skirt would be in order since most of the other items would be tops.

Off to Google images and the blogs I went in search of the perfect idea to copy cat. And there were several that I liked, but none seemed as awesome as those that used actual ruffle fabric:

Abbey 3.0 Wishlist Item 3 Inspiration

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Burda’s Simply Beautiful… or not…

“Simple Beauty”… that’s the name of the new 7-piece BurdaStyle pattern collection released this week and it’s some 70’s throwback stuff, that I’m really not feeling at all. Maybe it’s the sad colour choices or that awful blue wallpaper or the granny styling of the models. But I’m honestly disappointed again this week. I mean, how’s a girl supposed to be inspired to sew greatness with these blahhhh looking photos???

The best part about Burda though, is that there is always one glimmer of hope… for this particular collection, there were at least two items that caught my eye, bringing those familiar sewing fuzzies to my tummy…

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Wardrobe Rx: Zebra Pride Skirt

African Print Shopping Spree
African Print Shopping Spree

Remember this photo from last week? I told you to keep an eye out for a reappearance. So now, you may be wondering how a new fabric purchase could be involved in a refashion. Simple, dear Watson… I bought these fabrics in February this year and have since made one item that I subsequently recreated as another item because I loathed the first one so much.

I really really really wanted to make a Gathered Rectangle Skirt and use an Elastic Waistband, just like all those cool skirts you have been seeing in the stores. I was so inspired after spending more than a few hours perusing Pinterest… The skirts looked so simple and easy to make… But when I was finished sewing, I realized that my attempt had gone horribly horribly wrong. Continue reading “Wardrobe Rx: Zebra Pride Skirt”


Wait, no orange?

Okay, first I must apologize for the lack of posts last week, but I clearly didn’t  understand how to schedule posts to publish on a specific date… I’m so embarrassed… Please forgive me… So let’s just forget that I didn’t post last week ok? Great!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I looooooooooooooooooooove to see BurdaStyle news in my inbox. There’s always something totally awesome to look at and get inspired by! Like these eleven new patterns classified as “Nice and Bright”:

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