BurdaStyle, Singer, and why Cadbury Fruit & Nut cures all ails!

Yesterday, I received my weekly e-mail newsletter from Burdastyle, and got sooooooooooo excited when I saw an advertisement for their newest competition, Summer Sewing Challenge: Win a Sewing Machine from SINGER!

When I spied that ever so sexy vintage designed but totally modern Singer One  sewing machine as the prize, I was ready to hit my fabric stash and get sewing!!! It may not be as fancy with all the stuff that my Singer Fashion Mate 6160 can do, but the Singer One is too SEXY mannnnnnn!!!!!

Here is the basic info for the competition, straight from Burda’s blog: 

How to enter?
– Choose at least one pattern to base your project
This pattern may be from your collection of BurdaStyle or burda style magazine patterns or newly acquired but it has to be a pattern available in our Pattern Store or from The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook.
– Post your project on
Each project submitted must include the text “Summer Sewing Challenge” in the title. This project must be a new project, never previously posted on and to be eligible, the project must link back to the pattern from which you based the project. This is easily done in the uploading process. For more information on how to post a project, click here.

All submissions to the challenge must be posted by Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 5:00pm EST. On Tuesday, August 7, 2012 the team at BurdaStyle will select and post 10 finalists in a slideshow in the Gallery. There will also be an announcement in that day’s newsletter as well as on the homepage. Once the top ten submissions are posted we open up the voting to the BurdaStyle member community! The voting will close at 5pm EST on August 13th and the winner will be the finalist with the most votes!

What is the BurdaStyle Team looking for when choosing the 10 finalists?
– Creativity 
Create an outfit that shows off your personality, from the materials to the style of garment(s) you choose. We encourage you to alter or embellish your garment to create a truly unique variation of the BurdaStyle or burda style magazine pattern used. 
– Craftmanship
Show off your attention to detail!
– Presentation
Make sure your beautiful outfit gets the attention it deserves through photography and styling.

Discover all of the rules for this contest here.

If you are looking for a pattern browse our Pattern Store and don’t forget to check out our selection of FREEpatterns. We have provided you with links to some of our favorite summer patterns below but feel free to use another pattern of your liking, whether it is one you have been waiting to use from your BurdaStyle and burda style magazine collection or newly acquired, just make sure it can be found in our Pattern Store

The outfit you choose to make can be intended for any time of day or event as long as it is summer appropriate.


Of course, I was at Kadooment weekend level of excitement by the time I saw the pics of the suggested Burda patterns and I just had to “discover all of the rules for this contest“…. and that’s when disappointment struck full force…. right there, six paragraphs from the end:

BurdaCommunity Choice First Place: *Please Note: The winner must be a North American resident.
– BurdaStyle Community Grand Prize Winner : SINGEROne™

But wha dem really mean? No, seriously… that can’t be right, can it? Is this the norm? I mean, I have been a BurdaStyle member now for little over a year and to be honest, none of the other competitions had caught my eye before. But the Singer One!!! I had to find out how I could possibly score one of those for FREE! And then to see that I wasn’t even eligible????? Nooooooooooooo! Say it aint so!!!!

The comments from other similarly location ineligible members confirmed my suspicions that this happens often. C’mon BurdaStyle! Get your act together!! Singer is a internationally recognized brand and your online community comes from practically every corner of the world! You NEED to have competitions open to everyone! It really can’t be that expensive to ship that super sexy Singer One to Barbados or Ukraine or Greece or Venezuela or wherever! The location of the winner shouldn’t really matter when a lot of the supporters for both your company and your sponsor live outside of the North American continent. #imjustsaying #brandmanagement #customerloyalty  #fairness

So I’m off to salivate over the ever-growing awesomeness of my fellow BurdaStyle member projects, while eating a Super sized Cadbury Fruit & Nut to help ease this disappointment… Where is my trusty water bottle?


Thanks for reading. All comments are welcomed.

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