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Homemade: Apple Pumpkin Pancakes

Apple Pumpkin Pancakes

My son likes pancakes. No, seriously… He likes pancakes. A lot. He would eat them every single day for breakfast, if I let him. Which for him is in itself very awesome because the child don’t like to eat… as a general rule, it seems. You can imagine that making meals for him is usually a task, because to someone who likes to cook like his mama, there’s nothing more upsetting than seeing a barely-picked-at plate and then having to *shudder* “force feed”.

Breakfast is especially trying. You know you want your children to go to school  with nice full tummies so they can focus and learn well. And then you get a child like mine, who not only isn’t fussy about eating, but is a picky eater to boot!

But he does love him some pancakes! So whenever I have the time to make them on mornings, I make sure that I increase his nutritional intake by incorporating some kind of vegetable or fruit whenever I make the batter. It’s also a win-win situation for me as well, because I don’t have as noticeable an allergic type reaction to the flour when I add in the extra healthy goodness. So take that, you crippling sinus you!

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